A Collect 'Em All Horror Adventure!
Avoid the ghost(s) by watching their every move. Watch for patterns, find safe spots, and collect all the candles!

(This is the Jam version, follow sinclair7_ on twitter and sinclair's itch page for devlogs!)

WASD to move
Shift to Sprint
Mouse to aim flashlight
Scroll mouse to zoom in/out

Kybe - Design and Development

Sinclair - Music and SFX https://sinclair7.itch.io/

sTiKyt - 2D Assets https://github.com/stikyt

Aldo - Title and Cut Scene Art

Updated 11 days ago
Published 18 days ago
Authorskybe, NamelessSoul, SINCLAIR
TagsHorror, Pixel Art, Short, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Full version under development! Follow my itch page for updates!

Hi, it's a good game it just crashes on me when i get to the second area

What browser are you using? 

nice job!! I liked it!!

Wow awesome! Thanks for playing, this is the a Demo version of the game and we'll finish it some time.

sounds cool :)

Hey could you share me how did you manage to make that 2d ray lightning? I can't really find any information online. Could you link me some forums? 

(1 edit)

Hi, yeah so its the 2D Lighting stuff in Unity.


and the shadow caster 2D.


This video also covers it well:

Wow thank you so much! It almost feels like I need to credit you in my future games LOL

Cool, cool, cool, cool

Test comment please ignore.